"Epic" Resident Evil Themed Graduation Cake

May 5, 2010


DeviantARTist YourRain went and made a Resident Evil themed cake to celebrate her birthday and graduation. What'd you graduate from, zombie boot camp?

I'm not very good at making cakes, but I love how this turned out. =) (And it was actually pretty tasty!) I made it for myself for my 25th birthday and graduation party. It was to serve about 50 people.

With baking time, it took 3 days to make.

Consists of:
7 cakes. (Vanilla, Chocolate, Red Velvet, Marble, Double Chocolate, Strawberry, German Chocolate)
9 icing containers. (All Cream Cheese Frosting)
1 small package of fondant.
All of my Resident Evil figures.
Buckets of love!

Mmmm, three-day old cake made with "buckets of love". That sounds....disgusting. Kidding, I'd eat the shit out of that thing. All the action figures too. Which reminds me: one time I ate two G.I. Joes just so my brother couldn't play with them. Haha, I sure taught him a lesson! Unfortunately, my butthole got schooled too (I should have torn their arms off first).

Hit the jump for a bunch more pics of the brain-loving deliciousness.



YourRain's DeviantART

Thanks to sham, who once made a dinosaur cake that was nothing more than a white sheet-cake with a Barney plushie on top. Hey -- I'd have still hit it.

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