Don't Eat My Cookies!: Space Slug Oven Mitt

May 10, 2010


This is an oven mitt made to look like a Space Slug from the Star Wars universe. I'm gonna buy one and wear it filled with Vaseline like Curley did in Of Mice and Men.

The worlds of epicurean geeks and Star Wars geeks come crashing together with this Space Slug Oven Mitt. Based on the immense asteroid-dwelling slug who made a brief cameo in The Empire Strikes Back (I'm still not sure how it survived in the vacuum of space) this 12-inch version is made from a fire-retardent nomex cotton blend, which means it should survive rounds from a blaster, or a hot pair of barbecue tongs.

The $20 glove is currently available for pre-order and doubles as a Shrivel Penis with Teeth mitt if you're not into Star Wars.

One more product shot and a link to the buy page after the jump if you are interested.


Product Site (pre-order, shipping in August)
Star Wars Space Slug Oven Mitt [ohgizmo]

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