Doing It Wrong: An Inflatable Pool For Yachts

May 20, 2010


The Magic Swim is an inflatable pool you can set up behind your yacht because you're so rich you forgot YOU'RE ALREADY FLOATING IN THE WORLD'S LARGEST POOL.

Made from durable PVC it weighs about 66 pounds when empty and can be setup with the assistance of a standard air compressor in about 5 minutes. Mesh covered holes allow the Magic Swim to fill with water once it's deployed, but also keep unwanted visitors out, and a semi-rigid floating platform in the center of the pool allows you to stand once it's completely filled with water. ~$2,250 for the large version, and ~$2,440 for the extra-large one.

Just look at that happy couple in the photo. They look like they're having a good time, don't they? Also, like they've been drinking champagne straight from the bottle. Kidding, I know what a guy with two champagne flutes up his ass looks like. This guy (New Years '06).

Magic Swim Inflatable Pool For Yachts Makes It Safe To Go Back In The Water Again [ohgizmo]

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