DO WANT: Batpod Replica For Sale On eBay

May 21, 2010


Some guy went and built a full-scale functional replica of Batman's Batpod (great linking, GW!) from The Dark Knight and is selling the thing on eBay starting at a cool $100K. I want it. Like, badly. So badly I'm even considering selling an organ. *STAB* One of yours.

This motorcycle was completely hand fabricated and scaled from the original bike for superior accuracy and feel.

The frame and all tubing were built from hardened steel and welded together for an unbelievable rendition of this famous vehicle. The covers and arm guards, which are formed with high tensile strength fiberglass, hide the actual engine which is a high output 650cc 4 stroke, water cooled engine with direct port nitrous injection delivering amazing power in a compact shell if it were ever needed. The front and rear tires measure 508 millimeters across and it is outfitted with grappling hooks, grenade launchers, and 50 caliber machine guns for those traffic jams on the freeway. (No... they don't really work.) The pod has never been ridden on the street but has been tested in a controlled environment. This one-off custom would be the perfect addition for the collector who has it all, or for a museum piece that will draw a crowd like nothing else.

The "Pod" took several months to build including 2 months of intense research and over 1000 manhours of labor to bring about a vehicle like no other on this planet. Please note that this vehicle is not street legal, however, at the buyers request it could be made street legal for a nominal fee.

ZOMG I would ride the hell out of that thing, I don't even care if it's street legal. And I'm not just saying that so I could finally wear my, "If you can read this Robin fell off and I miss his wiener by my butt" shirt either, but it is collecting dust in the closet.

Hit the jump for a bunch more pics, including some with chicks in bikinis -- just like real motorcycle magazines!






eBay Auction (with even more pictures)
Build Page (with even MORE pictures, plus videos!)

Thanks to ray, Stephen, Batman and Red Five, who

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