Desperate Times Call For Desperate Measures: Tweeting For Toilet Paper

May 14, 2010


If there's one rule for number two, it's to make sure there's toilet paper in the stall before going. Also, try to minimize splashback.

naika_tei is a Twitter user and anime song DJ in Tokyo. Last week, he found himself stranded in the third floor toilet of an electronics store in Akihabara with a soiled ass and no toilet paper. So he sent out this tweet: "[Urgently needed] toilet paper in the 3rd floor toilet of Akiba Yodobashi." Five minutes later, he sent another desperate tweet.

18 minutes later, he sends another tweet saying: "The toilet paper arrived safely! Thank you very much!" Hooray for helpful Twitter followers!

Wow. I would have just waddled into the lady's room with my pants around my ankles, honking like a penguin. You know, LIKE A NORMAL DAMN PERSON.

Desperate man in electronics store toilet tweets for paper [boingboing]

Thanks to Alan, who claims he would have just wiped with paper money. And, if he ran out of that, his smart phone.

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