Classexy: Bow TIE Fighter Tuxedo Shirt

May 24, 2010
What could possibly make a tuxedo shirt any cooler? Nothing. Except for maybe a Bow TIE Fighter Tuxedo Shirt! Fashion is dead. This is our most desperate hour. Help me, Bow TIE Tuxedo Shirt; you're my only hope. Available now for $22, the shirt was designed by Geekologie Reader Reece Ward (along with the R2-D2 Haynes Workship t-shirt) and is sure to make a statement at your next wedding engagement. What statement exactly? "I'll be sleeping with a bride's maid tonight...
...all of them."

Hit the jump for another one of Reece's designs that's available featuring Han Solo with a pyew pyew gun, along with links to the product sites.


Product Site (Bow TIE Fighter Tuxedo)
Product Site (Han Solo)

Thanks to Chuey The Midget, who needs an XXXXS. And to Reece himself, who we're gonna have to commission to design some Geekologie shirts.

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