Brass, Leather And Ass: Steampunk Overlord

May 19, 2010


I didn't even know what a Steampunk Overlord was until I saw these pictures. I guess it's kind of like a steampunk Genghis Khan/Iron Man mashup. Yes, exactly like that. The suit is a collaborative piece between deviantARTists Skinz-n-Hydez and SteampunkOverlord and looks like a case of tetanus waiting to happen. And now that we know what a Steampunk Overlord looks like, I'm starting to wonder what a Steampunk Underlord looks like. Kidding, I already know: crushed. Get it? Because he's an underlord. Bitch is bein' sat on like furniture!

Hit the jump for several more shots, including some close-ups of the suit.





Skinz-and-Hydez deviantART (with a ton of other steampunk gadgets and gizmos)
SteampunkOverlord's deviantART (with a bunch more steampunk costumes, including a piratey one)
Incredi-Bad-Ass: Steampunk Overlord Suit [obviouswinner]

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