Batman Vs. Vader With Lightsabers The Cake

May 24, 2010


Remember the iconic 'Batman Stabbing a Shark with a Lightsaber' painting? And what about 'Batman and Darth Vader Lightsaber Duel'? Well cake-baker Liz Marek went and combined the two masterpieces (along with flour and unicorn tears) to create this culinary delight.

This cake was made for my super nerdy husbands 26th birthday. All his friends where very confused lol. Guess they have lives or something and don't follow internet memes

*facepalm* What do you mean they don't follow internet memes? You and your husband are hangin' with the wrong crowd, Liz. Because one time I swore off memes for a month and next think you know I'm robbing a liquor store and selling $4 HJs behind the Dollar General. Just sayin', it's a slippery slope.

Hit the jump for a couple close-ups.



YESSSS!: Batman vs. Darth Vader CAKE [greatwhitesnark]

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