Bad Things Really Do Come In Small Packages: Latest Video Of Littledog

May 22, 2010


Note: Video is after the jump because it's too disturbing for the front page.

Remember BigDog? Remember its redheaded stepbrother, LittleDog? I know, I've been trying to drink away the memory too. But this is reality folks, and it's time we face the facts. And the fact is this thing is probably gonna kill us all. I'M JUST KEEPIN' IT REAL. That said, there's no way you can watch the way LittleDog moves and tell me it's not some kind of top-secret genetically modified womprat hybrid in a robot suit. I'm on to you, government! And don't even THINK about big brothering my ass unless you want binoculars full of schlong. I'm being serious. *waving penis around like a helicopter* Oh. My. God. I'm hovering -- I'M HOVERING!

Hit the jump for the disturbing video.

LittleDog Learns Several Terrifying New Tricks [gizmodo]

Thanks to Mycropht, Thomas and Maurice, who, when it comes to LittleDogs, prefer chihuahuas.

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