Awesome NES Game Stop Motion Video

May 28, 2010


Because it's a holiday weekend coming up and my brain checked out before it ever checked in, here's an awesome stop-motion video made using construction paper, LEGO blocks, some candy, vegetables, DS games, an iPhone, a couple pins, AND AN ENEMA BAG FULL OF AWESOME (sans enema bag). It took Youtube user bornforthis43 over 120 hours and 7,000 photographs to complete the short and the titles featured include (in this order): Kirby's Adventure, The Legend of Zelda, Metroid, Mega Man 2 And Super Mario Bros. Go ahead and hit the jump to watch it, I promise it won't be the worst 3-minutes you've ever spent. Of course it won't be the best either -- and I'm sure your girlfriend would agree. Hoho, BURN!

Hit it for the video.

NES Stop Motion []

Thanks to Ford and THRiLL KiLL, who have both tried stop-motioning city buses before but they just kept on driving because they weren't at designated stops. Nice try guys, but you gotta get in front of 'em.

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