Another Cool Stop-Motion: 'My Desk Is 8-Bit'

May 29, 2010


Note: Video is after the jump because the Geekologie front page is no longer 8-bit compatible.

Did you enjoy yesterday's 8-bit NES inspired stop-motion video? No? I'll cut you. But for those of you that did, here's comes another! YOU WILL WATCH IT AND YOU WILL ENJOY IT. I mean unless you don't want to be friends. Hey, it's cool -- I talk shit behind your back anyways.

I recently found myself wondering what a video game might look like in the form of a stop motion animation. While a normal person's response to such a question would of course be "who gives a shit?" I possess few of the qualities typically associated with normalcy and was irrevocably compelled to find out. This is the result.

Oh man, I can't even count the number of times the answer to a question has been, "who gives a shit?" Like every single one. Including, and not just limited to, "what does the Tardis-riding Doctor do in the bathroom stall?" *zing!*

Hit it for the worthwhile video.

What I Wouldn't Give For an 8-Bit Desk [gizmodo]

Thanks to Alice, who made a 16-bit stop-motion video but turned the power off when the game was saving and the universe collapsed on itself. True story.

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