Anatomy Of Golfish Crackers, Plus Sushi!

May 7, 2010


Note: Click HERE for the high-res version so you can see all the parts. You know you're curious about the anus, don't even lie!

Ever wonder what a Golfish cracker looks like on the inside? Well now you know. And knowing is half the battle something I often wish I didn't. This anatomical chart comes from fake doctor extraordinaire Jason Freeny, the man behind all the anatomical drawings here on Geekologie. And speaking of anatomical drawings: I went to sing karaoke last night and drew a nice big ol' schlizzle on the back of my song request slip. And you know what? Dude never played my song. I'm not even gay but that was one good lookin' wiener!

Hit the jump for a shot of some Golfish cracker sushi.


High-res shot of the sushi HERE.

Moist Production (Jason's Website)

Thanks Jason, now how about one of those capsules that grows into a dinosaur when you soak it in water?

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