Adobe Vs. Apple, The Advertisements

May 17, 2010


This is a print ad created by Adobe taking a stab at Apple's lack of Flash support. Apple's (fake) response is after the jump, and it's exactly what you think it'll be. Seriously, just take a second to think of the joke (similar to this one), and then hit the jump and feel all warm and fuzzy inside knowing you were right. Unless you were wrong, in which case I've got some Flash support for you right here! See? It's a popsicle stick (I tie it to my wiener to keep it straight when flashing cars from an overpass). Honk if you're horny calling the police!

Hit it for the LOLs (but not really. There's not even a single L)


Apple Responds To Adobe's New Ads [buzzfeed]

Thanks to Alexander, who doesn't need any Flash support because he's naturally straight.

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