A Robot That Attends Meetings For You

May 24, 2010


Ever had to go to a meeting but didn't want to? Every single one, huh? I'm with you. Between PTA and AA it feels like I spend half my life in a folding chair with a cup of shitty coffee and a sugar cookie. But now you can send a robot to attend for you!

Step forward the QB from Anybots - a robot who can go to the office for you.

Developed by Bob Christopher, the brainchild behind the Pleo dinosaurs, the cute looking robot is essentially a teleconferencing system on wheels.

The robot can alter its height from 3ft to 5.7ft and weighs 2.5st (35lbs), with a main computer and several mini-computers on board. It has an LCD monitor mounted on its head which feeds a webcam image of the telecommuter.

This information is then transmitted to the remote user via a web browser, who can direct the robot with simple keyboard commands. QB is self-balancing and rolls around on two aluminium and rubber wheels at human walking speed.

The little jerks are actually going into production and will be available this fall for $15,000. Alternatively, tape a webcam to a broomstick tied to an RC car. BOOM -- WHO JUST SAVED YOUR COMPANY $14,900?! It's called InGWenuity. Oh geez, there I go waving my magic word wand again!

Hit the jump for a closeup of deathbot's head and a video of the squirt in action.


Can't make a meeting? Just send in your robotic co-worker [dailymail]

Thanks to Rob, mike469x and Zikomo, who call in to work and pretend to puke while on the phone. Nice, guys.

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