Yow Yow: Star Wars Pin-Up/Propaganda Girls

April 6, 2010


There's nothing sexier than a drawing of a hot girl, amirite? Wrong. That was a test and you failed you little hentai-loving horndog, you. Your shame aside, this is a little gallery of Star Wars pin-up/Galactic Empire propaganda posters as imagined by illustrator Feng Zhu. Because nothing makes men want to join a fighting force like pictures of hot girls, amirite? Wrong again. Guys join fighting forces with the hopes of firing lasers at other people's faces. It's true, even it they don't want to admit it because they want to seem like the quiet, gentle type that deserves to be in your pants. SNAP -- consider yourself cock-blocked, son!

Hit the jump for seven more of the commie propaganda.








Star Wars Pin-Ups [theswedishbed]

Thanks to Andreas, who joined the Empire after the promise of cake. Works every time.

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