Yes, Of Course: Iron Man Branded Televisions

April 15, 2010


Because the world would cease turning if everybody didn't find a way to cash in on the Iron Man franchise, RTC23 (that's a brand?!) is now selling Iron Man branded televisions. Tempting, but I'm holding out for a Batman model.

Billed as the "Ultimate Comic Fan's TV" each set features the super hero branded into the lower corners of the screen's frame, and an image of the character will appear on screen for 8 seconds every time you turn it on. Yeah, apparently that's a 'feature.' The TVs are available in 22″, 32″, 42″ and 55″ sizes while LED backlit versions are limited to 40″ and 46″. As for pricing, the standard sets start at $338.88 for the 22″ model, while the 55″ model is $1,988.88. And the 40″ LED model is $1,698.88, or $1,988.00 for the 46″.

Alternatively, spraypaint your existing television red and slap some Iron Man stickers on that bitch. Or don't, I don't care about your stupid television. But I do care about your smart-ass Blu-ray player. You know that that little hole in the disc tray? We've had relations.

RTC23 Marvel Branded LCD HDTVs [ohgizmo]

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