Wonderful, Just Wonderful: Japan Wants Humanoid Robot On The Moon By 2015

April 29, 2010


Seen here sketching out its plan for human domination in the lunar dust, Japan wants a humanoid robot similar to this one on the moon by 2015. Oh yeah? Not if I have anything to do with it! (And I do -- two words: Espio. Nodge.)

That robot's not going to be overly productive, though. Japan plans to have the bipedal humanoid robot Maido-kun plant a Japanese flag on the lunar surface, as a publicity stunt to show the country's techno-prowess.

Flag my ass! (Not literally, please) You know as soon as that guy gets up there he's gonna start a robot factory manufacturing death-bots to send back to earth. Or, even worse, blow up the moon and have pieces of it come kill us like the dinosaurs. Well I've got news for you Japan -- I ain't goin' out like no dino! I'm going out like a man who has a heart attack banging a movie star. In style.

Japan's giant leap: Humanoid robot on the moon by 2015 [dvice]

Thanks to Kristen, who doesn't want to see anything on the moon by 2015 but her name. In lasers.

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