Why Aren't You Real?!: Canned Unicorn Meat

April 1, 2010


Since I have seven loads of laundry in the wash and all my dresser drawers on the porch air-drying because my roommate thought it would be hilarious to saturate my dresser with his urine, I'm not really in an April Fools' Day mood. My anger and concealed weapon aside, this is canned unicorn meat from Thinkgeek. SPOILER ALERT: It's one of this year's fake April Fools' Day products. You can head over to their website to see the others, almost all of which they're gonna regret aren't real products when I steal the ideas and make a fortune. Did I say fortune? I meant sandwich. I can't go around thieving on an empty stomach! Or gas tank (I siphoned yours).


Thanks to JFreezy, SouthSideHope, anabaer, Ktar, Joe, chafir, Brianna, Mollie B, Xuan, Blaqk Panda and Steve, who have all had unicorn burgers before and agree they taste like magic and horse.

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