Well It's About Time: Smell Absorbing Paint

April 25, 2010


Smell absorbing paint, affectionately known in the wall-covering industry as pigmented anti-toot film, absorbs odors yet remains shit-smell free. I swear, the future: we're living in it.

Dutch Boy Refresh eliminates these volatile compounds, but goes one step further by incorporating technology that actually absorbs existing odors in the room. That sounds like just the thing for bathrooms and kitchens, especially if you have smelly pets. Dutch Boy says the paint will lock the odors onto the surface of the paint, yet somehow the actual walls remain odor free. Seeing as they worked with Arm & Hammer to develop this, you can probably assume that baking soda is a key ingredient.

You know who needs some Dutch Boy Refresh? Just about every gas station bathroom I've ever been in. Just don't go covering up all the "for a good time call" numbers. I spent a lot of time on those.

Paint that absorbs room odors, yet never smells bad [dvice]

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