Wait A Minute, This Doesn't Look Like Narnia...

April 2, 2010


This is a secret playroom hidden in the back of a wardrobe. But where's the lion? Where's the witch? Where's that creepy pedophilic faun with the umbrella?

The home's owner found the old armoire secondhand. He then hired a woodworker to take out the back and install it up against a doorway into his children's play room. The result is a simple-enough-looking armoire that opens to a hidden room of magic and play.

Great, now I want a secret room. And draping a stained bedsheet over a couple stools isn't going to cut it this time. Buuuuuut it's gonna have to. So, uh, there's some creepy-ass dead girl in here. I DON'T CARE IF YOUR MOM POURED DRAINO IN YOUR CEREAL, GET THE F*** OUT!

Hit the jump for a shot of the wardrobe in incognito mode.


Cowing Secret Playroom Entrance [mapleseedrenovation]
Hidden Room Love: Through the Armoire [apartmenttherapy]

Thanks to Summer, who would have melted the White Witch with sunshine. Or a tank-mounted flamethrower if that didn't work. A backup plan, smart.

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