Undead Correspondence: Zombie Stationery

April 14, 2010


This is some stationery designed for 13th Street, an NBC-Universal owned crime and horror channel. It's done up in a very tasteful zombie motif, like you'd expect from your grandmother's kitchen wallpaper. You can't really appreciate it this small though, so you're gonna need to hit the jump to see closeups of all the different articles. Impressive job, but I think I'll just stick to a legal pad. And by legal pad I mean illegal pad. And by illegal pad I mean a doctor's prescription pad. Now tell me what you think of this: "THE BEARER OF THIS NOTE IS ENTITLED TO ALL THE FREE DRUGS HE WANTS AND SHOULD BE ALLOWED TO MIX AND MATCH AT HIS OWN DISCRETION. ALSO, MEDICAL MARIJUANA, HE'S GONNA NEED A SHIT-TON OF THAT. SIGNED: A REAL DOCTOR IN A WHITE COAT AND EVERYTHING. I HAVE DEGREES." That sounds official, right?

Hit it for the rest.









Stationary Of Horror [behance]

Thanks to Jasmine, Joerg and Eric, who only write on the back of their hands IN THE BLOOD OF THEIR ENEMIES. MWAHAHAHAHAHAH!! Okay you guys are f***ing scaring me.

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