Trustworthiness Of Beards/Mustaches Chart

April 22, 2010


NOTE: This is only a small portion of the chart so click HERE for the whole thing.

This is a chart used to determine how trustworthy a particular beard/mustache is. This is only a small portion of the tamer styles though, so you need to click the link above to see the whole thing. So -- how does your facial hair fare? Personally I can't grow any so I guess that makes me pretty trustworthy. You know, or 12-years old. Kidding, I'm 14 AND JUST GOT MY FIRST ARMPIT HAIR! *high-five* When I get two I'm gonna braid them. Plus add beads!

The Trustworthiness Of Beards [buzzfeed]

Thanks to lauren!, who agrees the goatee + mustache combo is far less trustworthy than this chart would lead you to believe.

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