Today Only: Battle-Dino Shirt At Tee Fury

April 16, 2010


I've been trying to avoid posting t-shirts lately because a lot of you think t-shirt articles are lame, but then I realized I'm a man who has to follow his heart ask his mom for a ride to the mall later, and I should do whatever I want. Plus this is a f***ing dino with lasers and a battle axe. It's very Dino-Riders. And if you're not into that I'm not even sure you should be here in the first place. Doctors should probably smush you back up into your mom's vagina UNTIL YOU GROW A BRAIN. Also, an extra inch or two down there certainly wouldn't kill your girlfriend either. Plus you'd stop soaking your pubes every time you pee (you cry because it's true). Anyway, $9 plus $2 shipping ($5 international) takes the shirt home BUT ONLY UNTIL MIDNIGHT EASTERN. After that it's gone, but you still have two hours to convince a skank at the bar to come home with you.

Tee Fury (different shirt tomorrow)

Thanks to Comfort Eagle, Holy Crap! Lions!, Phloyd, Spartacus, Blaqk Panda, Vasssskk, Leeman, Xager, Quintin, JDARKHUNTER, R Fletcher, Whit, Quax, Lea C, supertt, Mr T, Patrick, Nikki, JAMES, The Awesome Sauce Wyatt and Andy, who were all sewn out of 100% polyester badassery and silkscreened with dildos on their chests awesomeness.

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