This: From The Same Man Who Brought Us Batman Stabbing A Shark With A Lightsaber

April 17, 2010


Remember artist Andrew Zubko's rendition of 'Batman Stabbing A Shark With A Lightsaber'? I know, it belongs in a museum! Well Andrew was asked to create a cover for The Portland Mercury using reader submitted elements, and this is the result: 'An Arguably Pregnant Betty White In Slave Leia Costume And Cape With A Flaming Chainsaw Riding a John Ritter Centaur Through The Apocalypse'. I don't know about you, but this thing's got me so worked up I'm considering a cold shower. Don't get me wrong, I'd prefer a warm one, but I broke the hot knob off playing with it like a nipple. F***ing Hulk-tweaked it right off in my hand.

What You Hath Wrought: This Week's Mercury Cover, Featuring Betty White, John Ritter, and a Flaming Chainsaw. [portlandmercury]
Epic Nerd Art: Betty White, Weilding Flaming Chainsaw, Riding Centaur John Ritter...In A Cape [nerdbastards]

Thanks to Misty and Zach, who both agree the picture could use a little more dino-erotica.

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