Thief Makes Off With Man's iPad, Finger

April 21, 2010


Sorry for the late start today, folks. It was The Superficial Writer's last night in town yesterday and we literally JUST got out of jail. Plus I'm missing a shoe. In less interesting news, some guy had his just-purchased iPad stolen and the thief managed to make off with part of dude's finger. Brutal!

a Denver-area man headed out to his local Apple store to pick up an iPad for a colleague (read: not even for himself), and in an interview, he admits to not even really understanding the fascination with Apple's new product. After doing his good deed and plopping down the plastic, he casually curled the strings atop the Apple bag around his hand as he headed for the exits. Unfortunately, a pair of thugs met him along the way, yanking the bag, the iPad and all of the flesh surrounding his pinky finger as they bolted for a getaway.

That's a security camera shot of the thief there, so if you're in the Denver area and have any information besides "it looks like he's wearing athletic shorts", you can notify the police. But what about those of you that live in LA? If you live in the LA you should notify the police if you find a gray Puma.

Thieves snag iPad from buyer, yank a finger off while they're at it [engadget]

Thanks to Chris, Ickorus and jimmy, who used to steal kids' lunch money and noses in middle school.

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