The Planets Make Beautiful Music: SolarBeat

April 14, 2010


SolarBeat is little website that shows the planets in our solar system orbiting the sun and making a little "ding!" every time they complete a circuit. You can mess with the tempo to alter the music, and if you speed it up all the way and sit around for like 40 years you can finally hear the sound Pluto makes. SPOILER: It sounds like a fork hitting a wine glass. Honestly, I'm just happy to see Pluto was included at all. BUT WHO THE F*** INVITED CERES?! This solar system isn't big enough for two dwarf planets! Haha, what do you mean there are five? Well I say we blow up the other four out of respect for Pluto. WHO'S WITH ME?! Awesome, now how many of you actually have experience blowing things up? You sir, in the front -- what have you blown up? GOTDAMNIT SEX DOLLS DON'T COUNT.


Thanks to sarah, who's old enough to remember when Pluto was a planet. Oh yeah?! Well I'm old enough to remember when Pluto wasn't even a worried look on Mercury's face yet.

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