The Moon In 3-D: No Star Trek Geordi Glasses Required!

April 11, 2010


Note: Click HERE for a full-size version of the image for the full effect.

This is a stereoscopic shot of the moon. So if you cross your eyes like you would a Magic Eye picture, you should be able to see our natural satellite in 3-D. Oooooor get frustrated and Hulk-smash your monitor.

Stare into the screen and allow your eyes to defocus. You will get double vision as each eye sees the L & R images separately. Move your head towards and away from the screen until the two middle images overlap. The single overlapping image should be in 3D

It took me a little time, but I finally saw it. And I'm not just saying that to impress you with my eye-crossing skills, but one time a friend did slap me on the back while I was making a funny face. You know what happened? I kneed him in the crotch until he cried blood. You don't touch a man while he's making faces!

3D space pictures: stereo images of moons, galaxies and nebulae [telegraph] (with 10 more 3-D images of various outerspace-y things)
Check out this 3D pic of the moon, no glasses required [dvice]

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