The Cornered Glass For Catching Insects

April 5, 2010


Spiders are disgusting and if you ever meet somebody that says they actually like spiders you should keep your distance because they probably worship the devil. That said, this is a glass designed by artist James Laurie for capturing creepy-crawlies in the corner.

Frustrated with spiders and other insects trapping themselves within a corner of a room making it difficult to catch. To counter this problem a glass was designed in collaboration with William Tapply, with a right-angled rim to correct this issue, cut and shaped accordingly from a tumbler glass.

In order to retain the spider, whilst moving the glass away from the wall a folded sheet of paper is slipped between the glass and corner.

Or, you know, you can smash the shit out of it with a rolled up magazine like a normal person.

James Laurie's Portfolio
Cornered by James Laurie [likecool]

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