Talking Parrot A Must, Pegleg Highly Recommended: Music Piracy Info-Graphic

April 14, 2010


Note: Click THIS PIRATE-PINK BUTTON to see the whole graphic.

Always wanted to learn more about music piracy but were afraid to Google "downloading music illegally" for fear the RIAA would track your query and then beat your gotdamn door down and drag you off to prison? Jesus, I want some of whatever you're smoking. Unless it's pole, in which case I'll just settle for a lick. Well in an effort to keep your butt's v-card unstamped, here's an informational graphic all about music piracy. I didn't bother looking at the whole thing, but I'm pretty sure the gist is it's a-okay to pirate whatever the hell you want provided you wear an eyepatch and yell "ARG, BOOTY!" every time a download finishes.

The Music Industry & Online Piracy By The Numbers [oddee]

Thanks to Ezrail, who doesn't pirate anything except movies, music and video games.

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