Super Mario Crossover: Play As Link, Samus, Simon, A Dude From Contra Or Mega Man!

April 28, 2010


I didn't know ol' blue pants from Contra was named Bill. I swear, you learn something new everyday. Today I learned what it feels like to pick up a plastic bag full of soupy dog shit. Warm and traumatizing. Today's already a bad day aside, Super Mario Crossover is basically Super Mario Bros., but with more character options. Plus you get to use their weapons! And did I mention the soundtracks? IT PLAYS THEIR MUSIC!

This is my first game, and I have worked on it for over a year. It has been a long journey, but I think you will see that all of my effort has paid off. I have recreated the entire game of Super Mario Bros, but now you can play as different characters. Each character plays just like they do in their original games with a few modifications to make the experience better.

This is my tribute to classic NES games, and anyone who grew up playing Nintendo should enjoy it. Now please enjoy the hell out of this game and experience Super Mario Bros in a whole new way!

I've been playing for the better part of an hour now, and it's pretty fun. Even more so knowing I'm sticking it to the man and still getting paid. WHICH IS EXACTLY WHY I WRITE GEEKOLOGIE FROM WORK TOO. Honestly, I don't even know what I do around here. Or the name of the company I work for. Hey Cynthia -- who do we work for again? Oh right, the government.

Super Mario Crossover [newgrounds] (go to play)

Thanks to Fitz, who Contra'd his way to the very end and then shot the princess. Oh that's cold!

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