Suck It, Fast And Furious!: Real Tokyo Drifting

April 22, 2010


I'm taking credit for the double entendre in the title even though I didn't mean to do it. Sometimes stuff like that just happens WHEN YOU'RE A LEVEL 80 BLOGGER! The Geekologie Writer uses Words of Awesomeness. It's super effective! Anyway, this is a short video of a little girl drifting her training-wheeled bicycle with such style and grace Vin Diesel just cut the tire off his rope swing so he can hang himself.

Hit the jump for the action packed 5-second clip.

UPDATE: Added another video of girl eating the wall trying the same trick.




Thanks to lloyd, who once drifted his Big Wheels around a recycling bin he had set on fire as the finale for his annual Driveway Stunt Spectacular. And to horgar, who had to put him out when his hair caught fire.

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