Student Creates Own Magic Major At College

April 26, 2010


Jordan Goldklang is a man. A man I like to call Jordan Goldwang: The Man With The Precious Peener. He hates it, but I can't help myself. And HE couldn't help himself from creating a magic major for himself at Indiana University. It was God's calling. No, no it wasn't. It was a powerful sorcerer's.

Dude is the nation's only magic major. Originally from the San Francisco area, Goldklang, a.k.a. The Great Jordini, used the individualized major program to create a magic major. He capped off his degree program Tuesday with a stage show.

Originally, he was intending to be a music major studying the violin. But some of his friends reminded him that another guy majored in the study of puzzles, and went on to become the New York Times puzzle editor.

That's f***ing awesome, I wish I'd studied magic in college. Instead I spent the whole time studying women. Well, technically it was women's lit. WHICH IS EXACTLY WHY I'M SO IN TOUCH WITH THE LADIES. Shoes shopping weight loss babies!

Indiana University student nation's only magic major [ellusionist]

Thanks to The Great Jordini himself, who I didn't realize was the one who sent me this tip until right now. Just go ahead and ignore the whole peener thing, Jordan. My bad.

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