So You Need A Typeface: The Flowchart

April 19, 2010


NOTE: This ain't the whole thing so you need to beat THIS BUTTON with your cursor like you'd do a dirty rug with a broom handle.

Having trouble picking just the write (see what I did there?) typeface for a project? Well fear not, because graphic designer Julian Hansen (Mmmm Bop!) created the 'So You Need A Typeface' flowchart. You just start in the middle, answer some questions, and before you know it you've wasted a half hour and can't remember why you're staring at a typeface flowchart in the first place. Now I don't know about you, but I don't need a flowchart to typeface. FACE! See? Don't worry, I'm going to hurt myself for that later.

Julian Hansen's Portfolio
So You Need a Typeface Provides Semi-Snarky (But Useful) Font Advice [lifehacker]

Thanks to TobyRaider, who don't pick fonts, fonts pick him. Plus he always gets chosen first for dodgeball.

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