Smokin' That Dagobah Dank: A Yoda Bong

April 23, 2010


Sure I'm three days late on making this a 4.20 post but you know what they say: stoners can't be -- hey let me have a bite of that sandwich. Where was I? Right, a Yoda bong. Are you gonna finish that soda? It's just my mouth feels so dry -- like I just ate a handful of sand. YOU'RE THE ONE THAT TOLD ME IT WAS POP ROCKS @$$HOLE! Oh my God I'm talking in symbols. Is my heart supposed to feel like this? It feels like it's gonna explode. Listen, I want you to call me an amberlamps.

You: Dammit GW, you're such an amberlamps.
Me: Jesus you actually want me do die, don't you? Hey you didn't tell me you got fries. Order me a milkshake. Pink, pink, I want pink. No, chocolate. Wait -- ask if they'll swirl them.

Yoda Bong Is Awesome [hailmaryjane]

Thanks to reado, who had a Death Star bong until those rebel scum broke it.

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