Smart Pill Tattles If You Don't Take Your Meds

April 1, 2010


This smart pill has an integrated microchip and antenna embedded in it so that doctors can monitor if patients are taking their medication. Because apparently that's a problem. But not with me -- one time I even had to get my stomach pumped because I ate a handful of those pills that turn into dinosaur sponges!

A study shows that chronically ill patients only take about half their prescribed medications, so it's understandable that the doctors at the University of Florida wanted to be able to confirm compliance. That's why they created this prototype, using conductive silver nanoparticles and a metallic label that functions as an antenna, sending its signals to an external receiver carried by the patient.

Listen guys, if I'm ever chronically ill I want you to do me a huge favor: go back in time and find a cure for whatever the hell's the matter with me. I don't wanna die! I'm serious, I don't. And not just because I want to live the rest of my life with Richard from LOST, but you've got to admit dude is handsome.

Smart pill broadcasts a signal when swallowed [dvice]

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