Scalpel! Experimental Gummi Bear Surgeries

April 26, 2010


This is a series of experimental gummi bear surgeries. This is only one though, and not even the best, so you'll have to hit the jump to see them all. I particularly liked the heart transplant, brain transplant and dinoplasty. That reminds me: when I was a kid I used to break animal crackers and try to create hybrids with all the pieces. No I didn't. But I did pretend an elephant was f***ing a mountain goat once. Hilarious (just don't bring it up around the goat).

Hit it to see all the rest.


Experimental Gummy Bear Surgeries [zanypickle]

Thanks to [S]d:G, who can put a gummi worm in his mouth and pull it out his nose. Okay now that's just gross.

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