Rollin' On Lit Dubs, All Over Your Ugly Mugs

April 7, 2010


I know, I should be a rap artist. Unfortunately, I've been ousted by the rap community for crushing them all in the annual 40-chugging competition. God, get a sippy cup, Jay-Z! Nas -- you're still cool. Anyway, retractable lights for your chrome-y rims.

Each ($500) kit comes with four of the telescoping lights which install in your wheel wells and retract/extend at the push of a button on the included fob. The remote also allows you to select one of seven different colors depending on your mood, and even strobe the lights for grabbing the maximum amount of attention you can.

As ridiculous as they are, I just had to be the first on my block to actually have a set. So -- what do you think? Well, you have to look past the cinderblocks. Pretend they're monster truck tires.

Retractable MotionLites Highlight Your Rims [ohgizmo]

Thanks to Julio, who something something down by the school yard.

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