ROFLSpiders: The Anti-LOLCats Website

April 21, 2010


ROFLSpiders is supposed to be the antithesis of LOLCats, but it looks like the exact same thing except with spiders. I think it's ironic or something.

The site is a reaction to the crappy image macro and demotivationals sites taking the place of real comedy. Most of the submissions are from contributors wanting to vent their rage. Thanks for your time, and sorry if this was the wrong way to submit something for you guys to look at.

I don't get it. But you know what I do get? A shit-ton of unsolicited emails selling boner pills. I've tried them all but nothing works. Well nothing but hanging out in the men's locker room. I think it's all the testosterone.


Thanks to Roger, who's in ur hair, laying eggs.

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