Pull Over That Ass Is Too Fat, Woop Woop!: Honda's New Self Balancing Mobility Thingy

April 13, 2010


, in their unending quest to weaken the human population to the point where we can't even run when they release the robots, has developed the U3-X, a personal mobility device that will allow our legs to atrophy even quicker. Nice try, Honda, but I'm writing this post from the treadmill! Kidding, I haven't gotten out of bed yet and I've already begun drinking.

While it looks like a high-tech unicycle, the U3-X and the technology that underlies it could have far reaching implications on the way we - and robots - get around in the 21st Century. It uses the world's first omni-directional driving wheel system (Honda Omni Traction Drive System) to achieve smooth movement in any direction along with the company's proprietary balance-control system evolved from research into human walking dynamics for ASIMO the humanoid robot.

There's a couple videos after the jump if you want to see the U3-X in action, but if you came here hoping to see me in action I'm afraid you're gonna be disappointed. However I will be dancing in just my boxers tonight with the bedroom blinds open. Standing room only, parking in the bus-lane at your own risk, no flash photography.

Hit the jump for two videos, a short one I watched and a long one I didn't.

Honda's self-balancing U3-X on show [gizmag]

Thanks to David, Bongo and Dick, who don't need U3-X's to know how to roll. You just shake the dice and drop them, amirite?

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