That, Uh, That Looks Like Hell: More Eye Candy From The Solar Dynamics Observatory

April 22, 2010


Remember last week's crazy-ass sun picture and video? Well here come some more shots from the recently launched NASA Solar Dynamics Observatory. Just look at that! Amazing, isn't it? So majestic. So powerful. I mean, that's our sun right there -- tooting flames. God what I'd give to smell that.

UPDATE: Added amazingly amazing very worthwhile hot hot hot video after the jump.

Hit the jump for five more taken with different techniques, along with a link to the National Geographic article that explains what's happening in each one.





NASA Solar Observatory's First Shots [nationalgeographic]
Mind-boggling video shows fiery details of the nearest star [dvice]

Thanks to Mister Fancyer, who may or may not be the mogul behind the Cat Fancy empire (I suspect he is). Can you get me a free cat-tree?

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