Oooh, Architecture-y: A LEGO Fallingwater

April 6, 2010


Sure the actual LEGO company manufactures a Frank Lloyd Wright 'Fallingwater' set as part of its Architecture series, but it's a scant 811 pieces. PIECES FALLINGWATER NEEDS MORE PIECES. Thankfully, Matija Grguric took it upon upon himself to make a better version (high-res shot HERE).

Matija Grguric's minifig scale creation of Frank Lloyd Wright's Fallingwater portrays the beauty of the architecture amidst the backdrop of a snowy winter. The 45″ X 30″ creation took 7 months and uses about 15,000 bricks.

15,000 pieces -- now you're talking. You hear that, Big Bad Wolf? You can forget about bacon tonight! Just sayin', huff and puff all you want you're only gonna end up high and hungry.

Hit the jump for several more shots but you really need to check out Matija's Flickr gallery to see the high-res pics for full appreciation.




Matija's Flickr Gallery
1:40 scale Fallingwater is as gorgeous as the real landmark [brothers-brick]

Thanks to Blaqk Panda, who's gonna make a full-scale LEGO model of Fallingwater and live in it. Skinny dipping parties! No? Party pooper. I'm gonna start peeing upstream.

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