One's Never Enough: Guy's 2nd Avatar Tattoo

April 18, 2010


Because the first one was kind of crappy looking, Avatar tattoo guy decided to take another stab at it and got Neytiri #2 on his opposite shoulder. Per some of his wall posts:

thats 2 tattoos out of 6 4 more to go this year and next year will be the back ground this was 5 hrs of pain this one hurt but worth it

hoping if i can to have them all done by the re release of the movie in late summer you look at this tat in person dam the detail is something else he did a excillent job

well m,e i have never seen a movie more than once EVER in theatre except avatar and would watch it every day all day if i could

i can watch this all day and night dam shes gorgious

So you're going for six, huh? Too bad I already have eight! I AM THE NA'VI TATTOO KING! Plus I was born with them so you know I'm the chosen one. Chosen for what is anybody's guess, but I'm going with jury duty. Wait -- gotdamnit.

Hit it for a bunch more shots of the different strokes for different folks.





Guy On Some Avatar Forum Or Something

Thanks to Steve, who has like forty Smurf tattoos so he's really got no room to talk.

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