Not In This House: Creepy-Ass Sauron Face

April 16, 2010


This is a sculpture of Sauron as imagined by artist Bob Basset. Which, yikes. You remember how scary that mother looked in all the Lord of the Ring movies? I don't, my mom had to cover my eyes every time they showed him because she said it was too scary for me. Also, whenever Gollum or any of those other scary-ass monsters was on screen. Basically I only saw 30 minutes of the whole trilogy and have no idea what it was about. A love story about some midget's quest to return his wife's wedding ring? Am I getting warm?

Hit the jump for two more shots of the hell no I don't want that staring at me while I'm trying to sleep.





Bob Basset's Blog
Dark Lord Sauron Sculpture is Truly Frightening [walyou]

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