No, Absolutely Not: Gold Plated XBox 360's

April 6, 2010


No matter what the product, eventually some b-hole's gonna come along and gold-plate the thing and then try selling it for like a million times what it's worth. And you know what the real sick part is? Some other b-hole is actually gonna buy it, perpetuating the circle of chintz. God I'm furious right now.

You've gotta hand it to the guys at Computer Choppers. They know how to coat gadgets in fancy metals. Today's gold-plated electronic creation, the 24-karat Xbox 360.

The gaudy beast will set you back $5K and I'm gonna laugh my face off when it red rings on you. Of course, you'll probably just throw it away and buy a platinum one. God you make me sick (when's your trash day?).

Hit the jump for a bunch of pictures, including a bonus golden PS3.




golden xbox 360 shines, sparkles and spends your entire salary [technabob]

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