Ninja Slug: He LET Himself Be Discovered

April 28, 2010


The Ninja Slug is a newly discovered species of slug found in Borneo. I can only assume it wanted to be discovered BECAUSE YOU DON'T JUST RANDOMLY STUMBLE UPON NINJAS.

Boasting a tail three times the length of its head, the newly described long-tailed slug is found only in the high mountains of the Malaysian part of Borneo.

The new species shoots its mate with "love darts" made of calcium carbonate and spiked with hormones--hence its nickname: ninja slug. Scientists believe this Cupid-like behavior may increase reproduction success.

Love darts, I believe it. Because one time I filled a water balloon with "love" and threw it off the roof of my apartment building. Everything in California got pregnant.

Borneo Ninja Slug [nationalgeographic]

Thanks to Grammar Hammer, who once beat the shit out of Syntax Axe in a language battle.

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