Nature, Streaming Right To Your Computer: Bald Eagle Nest Cam

April 16, 2010


This is a streaming webcam Duke Farms set up and pointed at a bald eagle's nest somewhere in central New Jersey. It counts as your daily dose of nature so feel free to not go outside until Sunday. I've been watching it for almost 20 minutes now and the two babies just lie there like they're dead most of the time. The cam is supposed to provide researchers with a rare glimpse into the nesting habits of bald eagles and get the rest of us thinking about wildlife protection and environmental stewardship, but mostly it just got me thinking about what bald eagle tastes like.

Hit the link for some worthwhile live eagle action.

Duke Farms Eagle Cam [dukefarms]

Thanks to Marko, who, pollo! FISH OUT OF WATER, FISH OUT OF WATER!

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