MMORPG Tactics: How To Mine For Gold And Minerals On Six Computers At Once

April 12, 2010


You can never have enough gold, amirite? I am. Or pillows. They just feel so soft on my face! I've heard a woman's breasts would too, but I am neither able to confirm nor deny that at this time. Overweight men's, yes. So supple.

Zhek Kromtor's "Frankenstein" setup lets him play several EVE Online accounts at the same time so he can farm for gold and minerals more efficiently.

You see, he was temporarily banned for running multiple accounts on one computer at the same time. It's against the rules! But doing this, apparently, is not.

That's some serious dedication to the gold right there, Zhek. Say, uh, you wouldn't happen to be selling any, would you? My avatar needs a grill, son!

Hit the jump for a couple close-ups, including the ridiculous (I'm jealous) monitor setup.



Insane MMORPG Rig Lets You Farm For Gold with Six Computers at Once [gizmodo]

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