Just In Time For Easter: Peep Sushi!

April 3, 2010


You ever projectile vomited a rainbow of partially-masticated Peeps? Then you haven't lived. It's truly a magical feeling. And if you really wanna toss your biscuits, here's some Peepshi made from Peeps, Rice Krispie Treats and Fruit Roll Ups. DELICIOUSO! I'm think I'm gonna have to make some for my Easter party tomorrow. I'm also gonna turn four bottles of grain alcohol into jungle juice just like Jesus would've.

Hit the jump for the peeshi making process along with a link to the tutorial.





How to Make Peepshi = Peeps Sushi

Thanks to uglybuckling, who, "this might be the most revolting thing I've ever seen, and I've been reading this website for YEARS." Uh, thanks?

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