It's Just So Beautiful: A History Of The Sky

April 23, 2010


A History of the Sky is a project by Ken Murphy in which he plans to collect 365 days worth of time-lapse video from the sky above San Francisco, and then slap them all together in a video mosaic, each cell representing one day, in chronological order. Impressive Ken, but have you considered using a Dewey Decimal order instead?

A History of the Sky reveals the rhythms of weather, the lengthening and shortening of days, and other atmospheric events on an immediate aesthetic level: the clouds, fog, wind, and rain form a rich visual texture, and sunrises and sunsets cascade across the screen.

This is a work in progress. Currently, an image of the sky is being captured every 10 seconds from a camera installed on the roof of the Exploratorium, on the edge of San Francisco Bay.

Each day's images are assembled into a time-lapse movie. The final piece will consist of a large mosaic of 365 movies, each representing one day of the year, arranged in order by date. The days all play back in parallel, so that at any given moment, one is looking at the same time of day across all of the days.

The video after the jump is of the 125 days Ken has collected so far, and I've got to admit: it's mesmerizing. Mesmerizing in a "holy shit I think those clouds just told me to kill my neighbor" kind of way. Mr. Kirby? But he's so nice! Fetch my shovel.

Hit it for the video and links to the project pages.

Project Site (with an explanation of the setup and all that jazz)
Project Funding Site

Thanks to Joslene, who doesn't like clouds because they rain. You know what else they bring, Joslene? Babies. It's true, that's where the storks live.

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