I'm Not Impressed: A Laundry Folding Robot

April 2, 2010


NOTE: Video is after the jump.

Robots, as you should very well know, are heartless killers just waiting for the opportune time to cut off our fresh water supply. And this is one that folds laundry (great tie-in GW!). Slooooooowly. This is a video of the beast folding five previously-unseen towels of various sizes. Impressive, no? NO -- BECAUSE THE 2 MINUTE VIDEO IS SPED UP 50x! It took that piece of shit an hour and 40 minutes to fold five towels! My child laborers A normal person could do over 500 in that time!

Hit the jump for two videos, including one of it folding a single towel in a scant 30 minutes.

Personal Robotics [berkeley]

Thanks to Chris T. Furr, who would have poured fabric softener all over that bitch like champagne in a rap video. Wait, what?

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